Community Services/Support Division

The Support Operations Division is commanded by Support Commander.

The Support Operations Division is responsible for providing necessary support to all divisions within the Natchez Police Department and ensuring that police services are delivered to the public in a timely and effective manner.

The Division is comprised of the following units:

Facilities Management: Plans and oversees the maintenance of the facilities, and planning for future facility related needs for the department

Records: – The Records Unit is responsible for registering all pertinent law enforcement information into the records management system and ensuring that all approved data is readily accessible to the public and law enforcement personnel.

Jail Operations: The primary objective of the Detention Facility is not to inflict punishment, but to protect persons and ensure the appearance of detainees for trial.

Although Jail and Records does not fall under the direct control of the Support Commander these operations would be considered support operation for the police department so thereby being mentioned here.