Brigadier General Charles G. Dahlgren

August 13, 1811 – December 18, 1888

Standing beside a handmade Confederate flag, Mike Worley portrays General Dahlgren during the 2000 Angels on the Bluff Tour.

During the War he commanded 2,000 soldiers of the 3rd Mississippi Regiment that he organized, while his brother served as Admiral Dahlgren in the Union Navy.

Actor portraying General Dahlgren during Angels on the Bluff Tour

In 1858 he built the fabulous mansion Dunleith where he lived with his 1st wife and their 7 children until her death. He later remarried and moved to New York, where he and his 2nd wife and their 9 children lived in Brooklyn, New York until he died.

Upon his death his wife shipped his body to Natchez for burial next to his 1st wife, where he occupied an unmarked grave for more than 103 years.